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“When was the last time you had a moment to yourself to create something new? To separate your day to day experiences and find space for Well-being and Personal Growth. To make lasting change.
That’s the essence of Creating Space Yoga Retreats.”


We offer authentic yoga immersions in the most stunning locations around the world. You will be pampered, challenged and reset in the nurturing space that we provide. Premier teachers will guide you, and organic cuisine will nourish your body and mind. You will drink fresh juices and tea’s, dip in pools and Himalayan springs and rejuvenate with world-class spa treatments. You will connect with inspiring people on the top of a mountain, snorkelling over a coral reef or enjoying a delicious meal watching the sun go down. Time with yourself will be readily available; you will grow, emerge and unravel. What we offer is like no other, give yourself the gift you have been waiting for and come with us on a journey to the self!


Founder Taran Jenkins – a dedicated yoga teacher. After several years of travelling and practising yoga around the world, Taran began to realise the importance of creating space in one's life for new adventures and self-discovery.

In 2014, Taran opened the doors to Creating Space Yoga Retreats and her first yoga retreat in north India; unsure if anyone would be interested in such an experience. Six months later, she led a group of 20 incredible people to the Himalayas for this, a once in a lifetime opportunity. After running her first retreat, she knew she had found her calling, her purpose for her life.

Four years later. Creating Space Yoga Retreats has a team of six staff members, land in the Himalaya's, a non-for profit organisation, a kids well-being program and not only do we host unforgettable yoga retreats, but we also design the perfect yoga retreat for inspiring studios around the globe. For our clients who desire the utmost privacy, we offer an "Exclusive Wellness Immersion" that is personalised to suit the individual.

Creating Space Yoga Retreats consists of a dynamic team with one thing in common- a passion for sharing the traditional knowledge of yoga and wellbeing, so yourself and many others can benefit. It is our pleasure to take you on a journey through your chosen destination and most importantly a journey to the self.


Our mission is to take every guest on a guided journey of self-discovery while exploring their chosen destination. We strive to hold a space open to all people that combines an authentic yoga immersion with the perfect holiday vacation.

Creating Space Yoga Retreats supports and empowers remote communities in North India, and we believe that every child deserves the gift of education.

Our Project

In 2016 we spent three weeks trekking in remote villages in the Garhwal District/ North India, Himalayas. We stayed with a local family who provided fantastic hospitality, cooking our daily meals and guiding us on treks within this area.

After many longs days of trekking, we came to a beautiful village that stole our hearts. Over a home-cooked lunch and chai with one local family, we had purchased a small block of land where we would start “The Village project.

The village project aims to bring employment to remote areas and empower/ educate women and children. In 2018/2019 we strive to build a school, community hall and have regular doctor visits to these communities.

“We believe taking people through these remote areas is highly beneficial for one’s physical, mental and emotions health.”

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“Awesome yoga, great trekking and fantastic support Crew. Thank you Creating Space Yoga Retreats, you provide the reset I needed! I feel strong, centred and motivated.”

Joanne Davis

“Creating Spaces yoga retreats are an undeniable testament to what happens when women allow themselves to share, open up, look within, connect, play, move and explore not just our surroundings but our stories. I will forever be grateful to Taran and the team for the lovely spaces they create (both physically and internally) and to the tribe of strangers who merely showed up. Gift yourself a retreat. You will not be disappointed.”

Tegan Myhill

“I recently travelled to Southern India with Taran and a bunch of incredible ladies and guides. Starting yoga was a challenge for me, but Taran made it so warm & welcoming that I grew stronger & now continue the practice daily. My journey to a healthier me started because this person listened to me & believed in me. I am going again in July for another retreat... another enriching journey of self-growth I no doubt. Thankfully grateful to Creating Yoga Retreats.”

Kim Prudie

“If you enjoy to travel and love yoga, well, Creating Space Yoga Retreats has you covered! Two weeks in the Himalayas with yoga every day is pretty much as good as it gets in life! Taran and the crew were amazing, and I would recommend these guys to everyone”

Alex Hitchins

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